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When I teach people to do things differently, I teach them to do things infinitely better. Just because my awesome impact isn’t seen, doesn’t mean it’s worth anyless!

Alway accepting multi-million dollar donations!

It's nice to meet you!

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I'm not a fan of how boring our world has become! Is your world more fun than mine?

Want to connect? Want to connect? Want to connect? Want to connect? Want to connect?
The Best High 5's are as creative as possible :) Have fun!
Thank you for idexing my websites with priority to potential donors If you ever need my help, Howl at me! Be as creative, loving, kind, compassionate and caring as you can while you sell my websites!

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Ian Handley

Saved the planet from poverty

While I sell you my websites with the movie ‘Step Brothers’ I want you to remember to consciously take breaks from your bible study and watch more ‘SNL’ and only eat gluten occasionally

Im a health wealth and abundance guru. If you want my help, think to me! Its the only way Ill ever teach you!


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Boat's ready!

My riddles, rhymes and melodies are designed to free you up in ways you never knew exisited. Think exponetially faster, I want you to be able to accomplish things you never knew you could. REady, lets get started!

Have more money! Be wealthy!

Truth be told, I’m just as passionate about rafting, as I am about web development, as I am about skiing, as I am about photography, as I am about surfing, as I am about writing

My websites are designed to make you money without even trying, and also help you recover from technology addiction! Turn off your phone and computer :)

I crafted my websites from the perspective that people with autism should have the ability to have all the luxuries they seek as they themselves define luxury, chances are you dont have autism either way you are welcome to tag my instagram to raise money for yourself and your own ambitions!

Restoring the cultural economic balance was extremely important to me. If you want to learn more about autism, watch Temple Granden or Grizzly Man

The next time you write up a business plan, think about how life would be like if you had autism and how you could become the richest person within your community

People with disabilities are often forgotten, or used by businesses. To prevent your own business model from ever becoming toxic, build your future business plans without creating a dependance on employees

If you know why Ive never made money online, please email me at

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Or think to me, praying works for everything!

I've been trying to figure it out for years. Hopefully this summer is the summer I make millions with this website! I'd make $40 in a two hour raft trip, but with this website, I've never made a dollar. Its beyond strange at this point, I've pushed it every way I can think of. If you know whats wrong, please email me. I cannot figure it out!

When you find yourself in the forest talk to the first tree that catches your attention, like the most intellegent person youve ever met. Talking to plants and wildlife can be scary at first, just put out the psychic energy. They love to communicate and they love to teach. Often the lesssons I learn from wildlife are far more complex and way cooler than what I learn from people. That being said, Ive had some amazing teachers

When you tell people TipYourGuide.com what I'm actually saying is that the people you tell about TipYourGuide.com should give you cash. Like they should tip you!

It's my way of saying thank you for telling people about my website!

Please dont ever expect anything from me other than the ability to profit from my Instagrams!

Have fun.... and let me know in person if it works for you!

Years before 2020, I made health care healthy. While I take you to the level you want to be on spiritually, remember I saved millions of lives. I led many to find financial freedom and I did it all without a career, an education or a degree

There are plenty of reasons to give me millions of dollars, my favorite is my angel investing concept! I will never accept money with strings attached. I can be a lot and I’m not for everyone

I spend my time crushing it being as creative as possible. Half of the time I’m just throwing a lay up, seeing who else hasn’t been wasting their time not doing what they love. I always love to help people though, to me what lights up my day the most is when I get the opportunity to naturally help others

If you want to invest in me please do!

I'm the best. At least I think I am the best!


HugsCure.com is another favorite website of mine

Thank you! My writing style is designed to help you detach from my website, just like everything else, I'd never want you to have a dependance on my websites. Have fun out there!

Im a super healer! Creatively create and forever remember the ways I bless people infinitely vary from person to person

The only way I ever had fun was when I listened to what the world told me

Learning to read the future got easier the more I did it. After a while knowing the future happened all the time

The flow of the universe speaks to me, when I sing the future back to you, remember I’m different on purpose

My flow may resonate with Superman, but my name is Ian. I’m infinitely different intentionally

From person to person, I like to act differently. Personality, compassion, advocacy, whatever you want to call it, I like to get to know people. In one ear out the other has always been my style. I value privacy and connection. Without privacy, connections don’t occur. It’s why the digital age failed us all. Don’t ever give concepts you find undesirable any energy. When you let the conscious act of letting negativity go, be the acknowledgement of negativity, your life is filled with what you want. Often negativity masks emotions. Connecting with the emotions you’ve lost sight of often attracts everything you’ve been looking for without effort

When I bring you up to my level, remember you do not have to stay there

Leading you to be more you, without me, is my goal 99.9999% of the time. It’s fun for me!

Don’t ever waste your time being average

Everyone’s good at something

Rhetorical questions. Think your answers to me if you’d like!

What do I think you are really good at? What did I try to help you do more of? What did I try to boost your confidence in? What did I teach you to do better?
Have fun and remember all of my teachings can only be applied when you want them to be! Using the power of Christ, I amplify that love you have for the world! When I amplify the power of Christ within your life, chase your passions, do what you love most and make your best dreams come true!

I'm a trail angel. I like to make things easy for people. If you ever want my help just ask!

Money is what I specialize in

Having money happens when your driving force aligns with your heart

If you are struggling with alignment, take your focus off of problems and look for opportunities

Maybe opportunities completely unrelated to your larger goal

ifyoudlikemyhelphavingmoney_thinktome_itstheonlywayilleverhelpyou_prayeralwaysworksbetter If you dont already have your own business now is the perfect time to start one If you dont already have your own business now is the perfect time to start one If you dont already have your own business now is the perfect time to start one

Always think creatively, when you want to!

Have your own fundraising campaign? You should!!!

When I tell you how to feel, remember Im joking and teaching at the same time!