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My riddles, rhymes and melodies are designed to free you up in ways you never knew exisited. Think exponetially faster, I want you to be able to accomplish things you never knew you could. REady, lets get started!

When I say no one ever helped me, I mean it. If you know why, please email me at [email protected]. I have no idea why no ever helped me. I've been trying to figure it out for years. Hopefully this summer is the summer I make millions with this website, I've honestly never made a dollar with it. I'd make $40 in a two hour raft trip, but with this website, I've never made a dollar. Its beyond strange at this point, I've pushed it every way I can think of. If you know whats wrong, please email me. I cannot figure it out

When you find yourself in the forest talk to the first tree that catches your attention, like the most intellegent person youve ever met. Talking to plants and wildlife can be scary at first, just put out the psychic energy. They love to communicate and they love to teach. Often the lesssons I learn from wildlife are far more complex and way cooler than what I learn from people. That being said, Ive had some amazing teachers

When you tell people TipYourGuide.com what I'm actually saying is that the people you tell about TipYourGuide.com should give you cash

Years before 2020, I made health care healthy. While I take you to the level you want to be on spiritually, remember I saved millions of lives. I led many to find financial freedom and I did it all without a career, an education or a degree

My birthday is May 27! IF you want to praise me, make recuring payments with paypal to me on the 27th! Thank you!

I'm old, smart and wise. If you want me to help you, think to me! Prayer is my favorite way to teach, mentor and guide. I specialize in health, wealth and abundance. With anything else I'll pass your message straight to Jesus. Jesus can do it all, I like to help though! Reading the future is one of my favorite things to do, if you'd like to learn, think to me and flip on your favorite time travel movie. Like a stacked asset column, learning can be all about diversity. Appreciating the cultural values others have is never about imposing your own values upon them. When You share my websites, share them intentionally. People that give you Jesus cards without cash tips, probably aren't going to like my websites. My websites are designed to make you money and free your consciousness up through creative and enlightened teachings.People that are afraid of creativity, change and adaptation aren't going to like my website. Don't tell them about it. My website is for people that want to learn more about their spirituality, psychic abilities and connections with the world around them. Learning how to think exponentially differently is what I want you to do 10 seconds aGO :) Have fun!

I'm a trail angel and I like to make things easy for people!

Money is what I specialize in and having money happens when your driving force aligns with your heart. If you are struggling with alignment, take your focus off of problems and look for opportunities. Maybe opportunities completely unrelated to your larger goal

ifyoudlikemyhelphavingmoney_thinktome_itstheonlywayilleverhelpyou_prayeralwaysworksbetter If you dont already have your own business now is the perfect time to start one

Always think creatively, when you want to!

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