Adventures make the best gifts!

No one ever needs drugs. Growing spiritually is all about being yourself, if you feel like you can't be yourself, or dont know how to be yourself; take the time necessary to heal! This website is all about fundraising and free marketing. I like to make the best dreams come true

Find yourself on a beach, with your toes in the sand and let your own naturally occuring wealth happen

As an artist my two main passions are helping people with disabilities and helping people become wealthy

All of my teachings happen on the thought plane and stem from Christianity

I love combining religions and helping people make their own best dreams come true

Think your best dreams to me!

After I heal you from whatever you've been through, amplify that love you have for the world!

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Everyday should be awesome, if what you do on a daily basis isn't awesome, it's time to change things up!

Learning is all about hindsight! If your focus is on the recall of information after you've learned how to do something, all you are doing is slowing yourself down. I flow best at a million miles an hour

Now is the perfect time to take your focus off of structured teachings and find the peace within normalcy. When your focus is locked on the naturally occuring, you aren't exploring

Go travel!

Chase passions, do things differently, be real, be fake and find your flow

Heaven surrounds us at every moment. Connecting with the heavens that guide you can be all about praying, setting intentions or just being yourself. The heavens help us heal and amplify what we love most

Consciously channeling Angels is very easy to do and can be super fun!

If you don't already know how to channel Angels, the perfect way to learn is through prayer!

If you want me to teach you, pray to me!

Prayer always provides the perfect communication filter. With prayer I could never know things that you did not want me to know. With prayer you will always receive the perfect insight, feedback and universal communication in return

Along with being a future reader, I'm a fundraiser. Have fun!

It can also be super fun to pray to wild animals

Let's be real, all I really do is say 'God Bless You!'

It always works super well

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